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This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

(Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!)

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"Oh!" A huge smile broke out onto her face at the mention of her class trip. "We went to go see a music play! And and there was this lady that was singing and she was so pretty! I think she was an angel, Papa!" The girl skipped along as she recounted her trip, her pigtails swinging as she bounced. "Can we have ice cream for dessert?" She asked as the pair walked into the cafe, pointing to the chalk drawing of the dessert on a sign next to the doors.

Again the girl continued to talk about more woman the man should see..well that was probably what she was trying to get at..and he chuckled..”Ahhhh I see…” he had heard good reviews of the play Robin had seen, the main singer was younger then he…came somewhere from Southern Europe. “Sure..” he chuckled….as they walked up to the front to see what Robin wanted 


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Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.
—Marianne Williamson. (via quotedojo)

I might bend
I may bruise
But, I will never 
Let myself break
While I still have
Something to PROTECT

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DIY Medieval Dresses from Medieval Wedding Dresses. The above photos are of the "bliaut", which “is a rich, full overgown made of fine silk, laced tight down the sides of the body, with long, hanging sleeves.” The navigation on this site isn’t great and if you click on a link within a post it may show up as a 404 error. If you stick to the sidebar you are fine and the links work. The dresses on this site are:

    • Baid Kirtle and Gown. “The kirtle, the basic medieval dress, is cut in rectangles, and has long straight sleeves. It’s often worn with a fancier overtunic.”
    • Bliaut. "The bliaut is a rich, full overgown made of fine silk, laced tight down the sides of the body, with long, hanging sleeves."
    • Cotehardie. “The cotehardie is another figure-hugging gown, this time with tight sleeves and a buttoned or laced front.”
    • Houppelande. “The houpplelande is a later gown, long and full and worn belted above the waist. “
    • Sideless surcoat. “The sideless surcoat is cut away at the sides to reveal a tighly-fitted undergown, and often shows heraldic colours.”
    • Underwear. “A simple linen shift for women and a shirt for men.”